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We are the Robbins Family: Spencer, Tiffini, Kyler, Gavin, Daxton, Kinzi, MaKaydee, BryKelle, and McQwade.

This is our story:


Spencer was raised in Payson, he is the son of Val and Judy Robbins.  Tiffini grew up in Ogden, and is the daughter of Richard and Evelyn Martin.  We both attended Snow College and became friends.  Spencer served a mission in Japan, and Tiffini served in Brazil.  Shortly after our missions, we were married.  We had been married about six months and decided to try a new adventure.  We opened the copy store on February 19, 2001.  Our first son, Kyler, was born a month later on March 26, 2001.  He showed up for work with Mom about a week later and has been here ever since.  He is now a seventh grader attending Mt. Nebo Junior High School.  Two years later on May 12, 2003 Gavin was born.  Following his brothers footsteps, he started working here at a young age.  He was very excited to start fifth grade in August, and can usually be seen rolling on the ground around the store.  Daxton joined our family on July 7, 2005.  He is now eight and loves Miss Sheets his third grade teacher.  He is very smart and does well at school, although it helps that he has been copying his brothers since they started school.  On August 1, 2007  we were very blessed to add a daughter, Kinzi, to our little family.  She has brought so much happiness to our family.  She is very protected and spoiled by her older brothers.  She is truly a "girly girl"  and loves to wear jewelry, high heels and carrying around her 'babies.'  We were blessed again with another daughter MaKaydee, on Novmeber 11, 2008.  She is a great help, and thinks she can run the store.  Both her and her older sister will be happy to ask you a million questions the second you walk in the door.  BryKelle, our third daughter, was born on June 16, 2011.  She follows right behind everyone and copies all they do.  Her favorite things to do is exactly what all of her siblings did at this age: terrorize the store.  She loves paper and stickers and loves it even more when she can rip them off the shelf and tear them into pieces.  We were "lucky" to add MdQwade on December 12, 2012 (12/12/12.)  He joined us weighing a whopping 12 pounds, needless to say we think he might like the number 12.  On February 19, we celebrated our 12th anniversary here at the store!!  We love being here as a family, and are so grateful for all the wonderful friends that we have made.

Another school year has begun, with Kyler in 7th grade, Gavin in 5th, Daxton in 3rd and Kinzi in 1st grade.  MaKaydee thinks she is pretty lucky to be going to preschool this year as well.


Check back here to see updates and pictures of our family.